Order Audio Recordings

Order Audio Recordings 

Audio recordings of past educational programs (2004 to 2017) are available for purchase through Intelliquest Media.  Click the link below to access a menu of recordings.  Click on the “Online Store”, search by “Organization” and then select Minnesota Dental Association.

Speaker-authorized sessions will be recorded at the 2018 meeting and will be available as online downloads and the full conference is accessible online or on a thumb drive. Recordings will be available for purchase during the meeting at the Intelliquest Booth in Kellogg Lobby or online at Intelliquest Media.  Discounts are available for purchases made onsite.  Any unauthorized audio or video recording of any program is strictly prohibited.

CE Credits via Audio Recordings
New for 2018 – the Minnesota Board of Dentistry is allowing the MDA to issue CE credits based on listening to audio recordings of the Star of the North sessions.  The following procedures apply:

  • Listen to the audio.
  • Write a five paragraph summary for every 2-3 hours of course material. Each paragraph must be a minimum of six complete sentences. Format will be verified and returned if incorrect.
  • Submit your summary to son@mndental.org. Include your name and email address.
  • If an audio is shared, each person must complete her/her own summary.
  • Audio courses are eligible for CE up to one year after the meeting.
  • A Scientific Session Committee member will review the summary and then the MDA will email the attendee a CE certificate. Keep this certificate in your CE portfolio.

Click here to order audio recordings