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In order to reduce paper waste and be more “green”, the Star of the North Meeting no longer provides printed handouts. Attendees who pre-register will receive an email with a link to preview and download their specific handouts. By providing handouts online, we are putting the choice in the hands of attendees of whether to print or not to print.   Attendees have the option of saving the handout to their computer and can reference it at any time.

Click on the handouts link, then select “Go to My Account”.  The handouts section is available on the dashboard near the bottom left.

Not every course will have a handout. Some speakers choose to provide a link or webpage to the handout during the course.  Some workshops may provide a workbook onsite during the course.  A message will appear if the speaker has elected to provide the handout onsite.

If you have any questions or difficulties accessing the handouts, please contact QMS Registration Services at (866) 301-0750.

Click here for 2019 Handouts

Log into “My Account”, click on the handouts section on the dashboard to view or download your handouts.