Continuing Education

Continuing Education

General Attendance Credits

Minnesota dentists, hygienists, dental therapists and registered dental assistants with earn three (3) elective CE credits for attending the Minnesota Dental Association’s multi-day Star of the North Meeting. Many refer to these credits as earned for “walking the floor.”

Course Credits

Attendees at educational sessions may also earn Fundamental or Elective credit as indicated in the course program descriptions. Look for the core_logo logo to identify programs to help you meet Minnesota’s CORE competency CE requirements.

Tips for Receiving Your CE

The Star of the North CE Verification system helps you to keep track of your professional development/CE activities at the meeting. Please take note of the following helpful hints to make this process as easy as possible.

1) License Numbers Matter – when you register, include the individual state license number of ALL licensed attendees to ensure CE credits are granted for EACH person.

2) Write Down the Completion Code – codes are announced at the conlusion of every CE-eligible session.  Space will be provided in the onsite program book to record the codes.  Partial credit cannot be granted and if you leave a program before the code is announced, you will forfeit any CE credits.

3) Verify Your CE – each individual attendee MUST verify attendance and CE credits as well as take a brief survey for each course attended.  For your convenience, you can wait until you have attended ALL of your courses to verify them.  Attendees can verify credits onsite at the CE Verifiation area.  Or even easier, enter your codes thru the meeting App and then stop by CE Express to scan your badge and quickly print a transcript.  Attendees can also enter codes online and print or email a transcript.  Every attendee who earns CE credits to meet professional development requirements should print a copy of their transcript. File the transcript in your professional development portfolio as proof of your continuing education activities at the Star of the North Meeting. According to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry rules, it is the responsibility of the individual dental professional to preserve a record of their CE activities.


The Star of the North Meeting is an official activity of the Minnesota Dental Association. Speakers are selected based on their expertise and quality of presentation. Participation of speakers at the Star of the North Meeting neither implies nor reflects endorsements by the Minnesota Dental Association. All seminars are offered as information only and not as financial, accounting, legal, or other professional advice. Persons attending seminars or reviewing handout materials need to consult their own professional advisors for advice. Examples used in programs should not be applied directly to any particular dental office.