Star of the North Dental Conference Pricing

Star of the North Meeting

Star of the North: April 27-29, 2023

Saint Paul RiverCentre

2023 Pricing

Below are pricing options for 2023 Star of the North conference registration. Continuing Education (CE) classes have additional fees.


FreeMDA Member Dentist
FreeMDA Affiliate Member
95.00Wisconsin Member Dentists
170.00ADA Member (Out-of-State or Direct)
45.00ADA Life Member (Out-of-State)
865.00*ADA/MDA Non-Member Dentist
170.00**Foreign Dental Association Member
145.00***Non-Member One-Time Discount
95.00Exhibit Hall-Only Pass

Dental Students

FreeMDA Post-Graduate Member
FreeMDA Dental Student Member
30.00Post-Graduate Non-member
30.00Dental Student Non-member

*Non-member registration fees may be applied toward MDA dues any time during 2023.

**ADA/Foreign Dental Association Members must submit proof of 2023 membership to qualify for these fees or must pay the non-member fee of $865.

***Dentists who were ADA/MDA members in 2022 but have not maintained membership in 2023 are not eligible for this discount.

Dental Professionals

FreeStudent (Assistant, Hygienist, Therapist, or Technician)
55.00Dental Assistant
55.00Dental Administrative Personnel
55.00Dental Hygienist
55.00Dental Technician
55.00Dental Therapist
55.00Dental Educator (non-dentist)


FreeChild (under the age of 18)
35.00Spouse of Dentist
35.00Guest/Family Member of Dentist*

*Guests must be sponsored and registered by a dentist who is registered to attend the 2023 Star of the North Meeting. If it is determined that the guest is a non-MDA member dentist, the sponsor agrees to reimburse the Association for the appropriate registration fee ($865).

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