1. How do I exhibit at the Star of the North?

  • Check out the details (dates, show hours, exhibitor list) about the meeting using this link.
  • Know how we place companies on our floor plan. Click here.
  • Complete a contract and ST19 form. Available in late Aug/early Sept.

2. Are sales allowed on the exhibit floor?

Exhibitors are allowed to make sales and distribute product on the exhibit floor. All sales activity is to be performed within an exhibitor’s rented booth space.

3. My company does not plan to make any sales on the floor.  Do I still need to submit a ST19 form?

Yes, Minnesota State Law requires that all exhibitors, regardless of whether payment will be accepted for onsite sales, are required to complete and submit a ST19 Certificate of Compliance with their contract.

4. What is included with my booth space?

Booth spaces are constructed with aluminum rails on which draperies are hung.  The back drape is 8’ tall and the side rails are each 3’. Each 10’ x 10’ booth includes 8 exhibitor registrations as well as the option to utilize a complimentary furnishings package of 2 chairs, an un-skirted 6’ table or counter and a waste basket. All booth spaces receive a standard ID sign consisting of the company name and booth number. The company name and booth number will also be published in the Preliminary and Onsite Programs. Level 1 Digital (virtual) Booth Enhancements are also included with booth rental. See the Advertising and Promotion section of this website or on these pages from the Exhibitor Prospectus for additional information regarding the Digital Booth.

5. What do I need to provide for my booth?

All furnishings, decorations, electrical, and carpet must be provided by the exhibitor.  You have the option of ordering everything from GES, the RiverCentre and other vendors. Wireless Internet is free throughout the RiverCentre including on the exhibit floor however; with the volume of use during the show, if your booth presentation relies on the internet you’ll want to order a dedicated line.

6. What is included in the exhibitor registration?

An exhibitor registration identifies an individual with an exhibiting company. It allows that person access to the exhibit hall during set-up and tear-down hours and it will allow you to linger in the hall after it has closed to prep your booth for the next day’s activities. Registered Exhibitors are encouraged to attend the The BIG Party on Friday evening too. CE credit is not available and access to the sessions is not allowed to those registered as exhibitors.

7. When will I receive my Exhibitor Services Manual?

GES will email a link to their online ordering website in late January 2017.  Printed manuals are no longer provided.  Electric, audio visual equipment, compressed air and water service are ordered through the RiverCentre.

8. How do I order my complimentary furnishing package?

This package is NOT automatically provided.  Order your complimentary table, 2 chairs, and wastebasket, exhibitors order the “Complimentary Furnishing Package” available online though GES.

9. Are email addresses included with the attendee lists I can purchase?

The Star of the North Meeting and the Minnesota Dental Association has a strict policy against releasing email addresses to any outside person or group.  However; a check box will be on the attendee registration form asking if they want to include their email address in their information available in the badge barcode.

10. Can I hand-carry my exhibit into the exhibit hall?

Exhibitors may bring in hand-carried boxes, equipment, etc. through any door, however, anything not hand-carried must be brought into the exhibit hall through the loading dock using nothing larger than a two wheel hand dolly.  Exhibitors with wheeled pop-up display cases are required to bring them through the loading dock area.  You will not incur drayage charges if you use the loading dock for your self-carried items.

11. What is a Certificate of Insurance and why do I need it?

All exhibitors must provide evidence, in the form of a Certificate of Insurance that they are insured for a minimum of $1,000,000 for comprehensive general liability insurance.  You should contact your company’s insurance agency to request this form.  You must name the Minnesota Dental Association, Star of the North Meeting, GES Global Experience Specialists, and the Saint Paul RiverCentre as additional insured on the certificate.  For those who do not have general liability insurance, Star of the North has a low-cost, short-term option for you. COI SAMPLE