Rules & Regulations

Exhibiting Regulations

Star of the North Rules of the Contract

1.    What the Rental Fee Includes

The rental fee paid for exhibit space is for the space and a limited furnishings package of 2 chairs, 1 un-skirted table and a waste basket and does not include carpet, receiving or handling of exhibit material, utilities, or other services. Exhibit space includes back and side drape, a uniform identification sign.

2.    Payments, Cancellations and Refunds

Exhibitors must make payment of the exhibit space rental fee according to the schedule and terms described in this contract. Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) may terminate this contract at any time after February 1 in the year of Star of the North (SON) if an Exhibitor has not paid the total fee for space rented. Cancellations and reductions of space made before the priority placement deadline (November 1, 2017) will be refunded in full of the fees paid up to that date.  After the priority placement deadline, no deposits will be refunded.  Refunds for exhibit space will not be given after February 1, 2018. In the event that the show is physically sold out (there is not room for expansion) and there is an established waiting list, refunds will be given in its entirety if the space is re-rented less 10% of the rental fee paid for that particular space. The refund will only be given if the show floor sells out. In the event of a cancellation, exhibitors must contact MDA in writing.  Exhibitors who purchased a Promotional Package will not be allowed to cancel their package or receive refund.  Exhibitors who purchased four or more booth spaces will not be allowed to cancel or reduce their space to fewer than four booth spaces with any refund.

3.    Occupation of Exhibit Space

Exhibitors will occupy their contracted exhibit space during posted show hours. All exhibits must be completed and ready for the show by 10:30 am on Thursday and must remain intact until 1:15 pm on Saturday. Exhibitors must be completely torn down and out of the exhibit hall by 7:00 pm on Saturday. The subletting of any part of an exhibitor’s space is strictly prohibited.  Manufacturers’ reps applying for exhibit space must submit a list of those companies they will be representing at the time of application.  A listing in the program book will be allowed for represented companies however; longevity recognition will only be given to the contracting company. A maximum of two (2) companies may be represented in one 10’x10’ booth.  Exhibitors shall use only their contracted space for exhibit, display, or related purposes.  There will be no interviews, demonstrations, distribution of literature, canvassing or conducting of polls or surveys outside of the exhibitor’s own rental space. In the event that an exhibitor fails to set up a booth, or occupy their contracted space by the opening of the show, that space will be considered abandoned and no refund will be sent.  The Association reserves the right to decide whether to re-sell or re-assign another exhibitor into that space.

4.    Relocation

SON reserves the right to relocate any Exhibitor in a space other than that for which the Exhibitor contracted and paid a rental fee, if SON determines it is in the best interest of the exposition.

5.    Exhibit Material and Activity

Exhibitors are able to distribute and sell merchandise from their rented exhibit space only.  Inventory must be discreetly stored within an exhibitor’s booth space. Star of the North reserves the right to prevent any Exhibitor from displaying beyond the bounds of the Exhibitor’s rented exhibit space: noisy electrical devices, sound-producing movies, displays, devices, costumed mascots or anything which may prove objectionable. Exhibitors must agree to regulate those devices with noise, odor or other disagreeable features so as to abate reasonable objections to these annoyances. All aisles must be kept clear of displays. The rights and privileges of an exhibitor shall not be infringed upon by any other exhibitor. Lasers must be operated only within a suitable enclosed space with the appropriate eyewear available for any personnel staffing the booth and attendees who will be viewing/operating the laser.  All demonstrations of CO2 lasers must be conducted in a clear plastic box with all sides enclosed, including the top.  Appropriate plastic colored cubicles must also be available for any other type of laser being used, particularly dye or argon lasers.  No laser equipment may be left unattended in operable condition.  No exhibitor will sponsor a seminar or presentation in the Twin Cities’ Anoka, Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, and Washington county area seven days prior to the opening of the meeting, during the meeting, or for seven days following the last day of the meeting. Exhibitors are allowed to sponsor prize drawings within their exhibit space. Any limitations on registering for or accepting the prize must be prominently displayed in the exhibit space.

6.    Sizes and Placement of Display

Exhibits must be set in line with the Booth Design Regulations attached to and made part of this contract.

7.    Serving Refreshments

Exposition Facility Management reserves the sole right to sell or serve food, beverages and tobacco products. Food distributed by exhibitors must be obtained through the Facility, the Saint Paul RiverCentre.  Inquiries can be directed to MHC Culinary Group 175 West Kellogg Boulevard, Suite 503, Saint Paul, MN 55102, (651) 726-8800.

8.    Convention Facility

Exhibitor will not damage the exposition facility in any way, or permit it to be damaged by any substance or activity. If an Exhibitor, or the Exhibitor’s agents, employees or guests, cause damage to the exposition facility, the Exhibitor will pay facility management the amount necessary to restore the facility to the condition it was in before being damaged by the Exhibitor.

9.    Suppliers of Exhibit Services

Star of the North has selected General Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES) to provide exposition services and will utilize suppliers within The Saint Paul RiverCentre to supply other services needed during the exposition. A manual will be sent to Exhibitors containing forms and instructions for renting exhibit furnishings and services from GES and RiverCentre suppliers. Exhibitors will use these suppliers for all furnishings and services needed, including utilities; or Exhibitors will notify Minnesota Dental Association and GES, in writing, 30 days prior to setup of the exposition of their intention to use other suppliers. Contractors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to MDA and GES.

10.  Security

MDA will employ a security firm to guard the exposition hall against theft or damage to exhibit material starting when the facility opens for set up until the show closes and tear down begins. Each person entering the exhibit hall will be required to register and wear the appropriate name badge.  All members of commercial exhibitor’s staff must be full-time employees of the exhibiting company or must be employed for the duration of the meeting.  False certification of individuals as representatives of the exhibiting company to assist unauthorized persons in gaining admission to the exhibit floor is prohibited. The Minnesota Dental Association does not guarantee exhibitors against loss and does not take responsibility for theft, pilferage, or mysterious disappearance.

11.  Infraction of Rules

Unethical conduct, unprofessional behavior, or infraction of the Contract Rules on the part of the exhibitor and/or his representatives will subject the exhibitor, his representatives, or both to dismissal from the exhibit hall, forfeiture of booth space, booth fee, and/or seniority status in booth assignment.  The exhibitor may also be barred from future participation.  In this event, it is agreed that no refund shall be made by the Association and that no demand for redress will be made by the exhibitor or his representatives. Any complaints regarding infractions of these rules or disputes between exhibitors should be made to the Association and its decision will be final.

12.  Assumption of Risk: General Liability Insurance – Mandatory! 

Each exhibitor MUST provide the Star of the North with a Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance coverage including, comprehensive general liability insurance, insuring against damage to persons and property, and hazard insurance, insuring the exhibitor’s property and its exhibit space, to fully protect it and the Minnesota Dental Association, Star of the North Meeting, General Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES), and the Saint Paul RiverCentre against all risks.  The Certificate shall name the exhibitor, Minnesota Dental Association, Star of the North Meeting, General Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES), and the Saint Paul RiverCentre as additional insured.  Proof of insurance is due 60 days prior to exhibitor move-in on Wednesday. Except for negligent acts or omissions on the part of the Minnesota Dental Association or its own employees, the Minnesota Dental Association assumes no liability or responsibility for any damage of any kind whatsoever or any injury of any nature that may happen to exhibitors, or to the exhibitor’s employees or property, from any cause whatsoever prior, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the contract for the rental of space, and the Minnesota Dental Association does not assume any liability or responsibility for any act or omission on the part of any exhibitor or anyone in his employ during said period of time, and the exhibitor, on signing the application for space, expressly releases and agrees to hold harmless the Minnesota Dental Association from all claims of any kind for any such alleged loss, damage, or injury to the exhibitor, his employees or property. This shall not affect claims against any other person, firm, corporation, or municipal unit.

 13.  Cancellation of the Exposition

In the event the exposition is cancelled for any reason, MDA will not be liable for anything except the return of the rental fee paid by each Exhibitor for exhibit space.

14.  Non-endorsement

The exhibiting of products and services at the Star of the North does not constitute endorsement by the Minnesota Dental Association of the products and services exhibited.


Booth Design Regulations

These regulations supplement the Rules of the Contract for the Star of the North (SON). SON does not allow exhibitors to erect displays that interfere with other exhibits, or detract from the expo. Follow these regulations and the contract rules as you plan and set up you exhibit.


One or more booths exposed to an aisle on one or two sides.

Exhibit must not exceed 8’ in height in the back 5’ of the booth or exceed 4’ in height in the front 5’ of the booth to promote a clear view from booth to booth. Linear booths that are at least 30’ long may be permitted to rise up to 12’ if approved by the MDA prior to the meeting (however displays in the front 5’ of the booth must not exceed 4’ in height).

Display Rules & Reg 2007.indd


One or more booths along an outside wall of the convention facility rather than to another exhibit.

Exhibit may rise up to 12’ where ceiling height permits. Displays in the front 5’ of the booth must not exceed 4’ in height.

Display Rules & Reg 2007.indd


Four or more booths exposed to an aisle on three sides.

The back wall of the exhibit must be on the non-aisle side of the booth.  The center 10’ of the back wall can rise up to 16’, but the outer 5’ on each end of this wall is limited to 4’ in height. All portions on the rear of the back wall (facing neighboring exhibits) must be finished with no graphics, signage or copy of any kind.

Variance requests: The Scientific Session Committee will consider requests for variance on a case by case basis. Requests must be submitted to the Minnesota Dental Association 60 days before exhibitor setup on Wednesday.  Height restrictions will be strictly enforced onsite.

Display Rules & Reg 2007.indd