Traffic Builders

Traffic Builders

10ExhibitHallPremiere3Premiere Night Reception – Thurs. April 27

The Exhibit Hall Premiere Night Reception continues to be the most popular event at the Star of the North Meeting.  On Thursday, from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm, dentists and their guests will be given exclusive access to the fully set and ready to do business exhibit floor.  This unique opportunity is designed to provide your company with a favorable sales environment and give you that much desired one-on-one time with the attendees who hold the buying power.



Digital Caricature Artist

We have hired a digital caricature artist to provide our attendees with a free digital caricature of themselves.  The artist will be right on the show floor all day Thursday and Friday. Appointments will be available to help control traffic flow around the booth.



Cash Cube Money Machine is back!

The Cash Cube is a popular attraction in the show floor. The cube is set in the center of the hall, where attendees can sign up to step in and grab some swirling cash. $1,000 in cash and prizes are placed in the cube daily. Sponsorship of the cash is available to 2017 exhibitors.


Table Clinics

Table Clinics

Located in the exhibit hall Café area, attendees will have the opportunity for free CE credits by visiting the Table Clinics and it only takes 10 minutes per table that they visit.  Presenters include MDA members, exhibitors, and graduate students. If your company is interested in presenting a table clinic, review the rules and complete an application.  Exhibitor sponsored table clinics cannot be used as an “infomercial” for your products.



Star of the North - Exhibit HallExhibit Hall CE Spot

(formerly Pitch Lounge)

Attendees love the Star of the North Star Series educational programming because of the variety of topics and the short length in the sessions! And now we’ve got one on the show floor but its Exhibitor Style

Exhibitors are bringing their expertise and knowledge to the CE Spot. The Spot will be set with chairs for Star of the North attendees to sit a spell and take a listen. Signs in the lounge and program will announce the presenting companies and their topics. And just like the Star Series Educational Programming, attendees can stay for one, two or more: stay for as long as they like.

CE Spot presentations will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday 4/29 and the last one will be at 1:00 pm. Each Spot session is 15 minutes with 5 minutes between sessions. A small stage, speakers, microphone and chairs will be set in the lounge. NO additional a/v is allowed due to time constraints. NO EXCEPTIONS. Exhibitors can present whatever they want but it must be CE-worthy. We’ll pass all sessions by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry to see if they merit CE Units. Free CE means more bodies in the chairs. Exhibitor sign up form coming soon!


Expo Wrap Party

The last hours of the expo on Saturday is when we hold the Wrap Party. Attendees can use these final hours in the hall to finish up their shopping. Food, prizes and the chance to step into the Cash Cube will be offered during the Wrap Party.


Prize Drawings

The Star of the North holds multiple prize drawings during the course of the meeting.  Attendees will have specially printed tickets to deposit in the exhibit hall to be eligible to win prizes such as $400 Exhibitor Merchandise Vouchers, iPads, Exhibitor Donated Prizes, Kindles, $100 Visa gift cards and many more!


Exhibit Hall Café

We continue to offer and promote the onsite Exhibit Hall Café.  It is important to encourage our attendees to stay onsite during lunch, which gives everyone more time to tour the exhibit floor.