Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips For A New Exhibitor

Are you a new exhibitor, or even a long time exhibitor?

It is never too late to pick up some exhibiting tips for the Star of the North Meeting!  We want to do what we can to make your first year a success and to encourage you to come back next year.  Check out these two articles from Inc. Magazine for additional tips!

1. Read the rules.

The Exhibitor Prospectus and the Star of the North website have all the information you need – don’t be caught off guard by missed deadlines or forgotten forms. Here is a link to the Show Rules.

2.  Submit your contract early.

  • Contracts submitted by September 30th earn an additional 10 placement points.  This will help you get the booth space you want.
  • Submit your contract AND full payment by September 30th and earn 20 placement points.

3.  Place your order for the complimentary furnishing package.

Save your money for marketing!  We will provide you with a free table, 2 chairs and a wastebasket – all you have to do is turn in your order by April 2nd.

4.  Take full advantage of promotional opportunities.

Some, like the Level 1 digital booth enhancements are FREE!  We have a Product Display unit that is just waiting to showcase your products and services.  On the show floor you are restricted to your booth – promotional opportunities go well beyond your space.

5.  Identify your target audience.

Who is the primary user of your product/service?  Are you sure it is only the dentist?  Many offices delegate purchasing decisions to their staff – don’t count them out! And know that the decision-maker in the office often asks for suggestions from the rest of the staff: don’t treat those who aren’t Dentists as second-class attendees: their opinion counts!

6.  Do pre-show marketing.

Tell everyone (current clients, community, Facebook, Twitter) that you’ll be at the 2017 Star of the North. Give them a reason to stop by your booth. Create excitement with a contest. Put some thought into your booth give-away: something that is different.

7.  Design your booth and prepare your staff.

Think about your booth from an attendee’s perspective.  Would you want to stop by a booth that is staffed by people with their eyes glued to their mobile devices? Reading the day’s headlines in the newspaper? Not making eye contact and hiding behind a table? Make sure you train your staff and decorate and fill your booth in a way that makes people want to pause and learn more.

8.  Understand traffic patterns.

The traffic in the exhibit hall will ebb and flow.  It will be heavy during breaks in education classes and lighter when they are in session. Take advantage of the time when attendees will be on the floor: you can make good connections sitting at a table eating lunch with a group of attendees.

9.  Make sure they remember you.

Tote bags are there for you to fill – samples, show special flyers, trinkets, business cards.  When they get back to the office, make sure they know how to find you again.

10.  We are here to help.

If you have questions, please give us a call.  Juli Schneider, Exhibits and Meetings Manager, can be reached at 612-767-8400 or through email at