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Link to GES Online Exhibitor Kit (furniture, carpet, cleaning)

Link to Saint Paul RiverCentre (electrical, water, food)

 Ordering Checklist
                                                     Free               Furniture  Package                                                    This will not be automatically ordered for you. Go to the GES online kit and order the free package by clicking on the link on the Kit homepage.
Lead Retrieval Track who stops by your booth, make notes, follow up: you’ll see your sales grow. Click here for more information. Click here for an order form. Order online.
Carpet The floor in the exhibit hall is gray concrete. If you want it covered, either bring your own carpet or order it from GES.
Electricity If you want to plug in lights, laptops or other a/v, you must order it. You cannot just plug in to your neighbor’s outlet.
Cleaning If you want your booth carpet to be vacuumed you must order it.
Empty Waste Basket If you want the contents of your wastebasket to be emptied at show close, you must set the basket in the aisle in front of your booth. Staff will not enter your booth and dump it.
Internet     Wireless is free throughout the RiverCentre. However; if you plan to use the Internet for demos and your whole booth rests upon your ability to use the Internet, you may want to order a hard line.
Material Handling You can hand carry your exhibit through any entrance into the RiverCentre however; there isn’t a lot of opportunity to unload from the street. There will be a POV (Personal Operated Vehicle) lane on the loading dock that you can use however; you may need to wait a while for a turn and there will not be any carts or flat beds available for you to use. You will need to bring your own. OR there is a Cart Service available through GES.
    Compressed  Air                      You need to order it.
Order Attendee Labels

Make a direct connection with 2017 attendees. Order labels and do some pre-show marketing. You can even choose your audience. Click here for an order form.

*Due to MDA Policy, email addresses and telephone numbers are not included in the labels.

Questions: Call GES at 800-475-2098